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Princeton University Class of 2010

Princeton Admits 7.8 Percent During Regular Admissions Process

Princeton offered admission to 1,792 of 17,563 applicants to its class of 2010, or 10.2 percent. This represents a decrease compared to last year's acceptance rate of 10.9 percent. 1,193 applicants from the regular decision pool of 15,327 applicants were admitted, representing an admit rate of 7.8 percent, compared to 8.4 percent last year. 599 applicants from the early decision pool of 2,236 applicants were admitted, representing an admit rate of 26.8 percent, compared to 29.1 percent last year.

Of the 1,886 valedictorians who applied, only 17% were admitted.

Minorities represented 44 percent of the admits, compared to 42 percent last year. International students represented 9.7 percent of the admits. Legacies represented 9.9 percent of the admits.

61 percent of admitted students attend public school, 30 percent attend private school and nine percent attend religious school. Five of the students accepted were home-schooled.

52 percent of the admits are men, and 48 percent are women.

Princeton expects about 68 percent of accepted students to matriculate and aims for a class of 1,220 students.

Regular Applications Increase 5.3 Percent

Total applications hit an all-time high this year, increasing 6 percent from last year's record, with a total of 17,478 applicants. There were 15,242 regular applications, compared to 14,477 last year. This represents a 5.3 percent increase.

International applications increased 6 percent.

Early Decision Applications Increase Ten Percent

Early decision applications to Princeton rose ten percent over the previous year's figure with the Class of 2010, amounting to the second-largest early decision applicant numbers since the Class of 2001. 2,236 applications were received this year compared to 2,039 the previous year. This year's increase in application is in addition to last year's 12 percent increase in the number of early applications.

Princeton accepted 599 applicants, representing a 27% acceptance rate. This is a decrease compared to last year's early acceptance rate of 29%, reflecting a rise in the number of applicants. The 599 early admits make up 49 percent of the projected Class of 2010 size of 1,220.

The average critical reading score for admitted students was 720, the average quantitative score was 730, and on the new writing section, the average score was 720.

24 percent of the early admits are racial minorities, up from 23 percent the previous year. 12 percent of admits were from 26 foreign countries.

50 percent of the early admits hail from public high schools, 37 percent from private high schools, 10 percent from religiously-based high schools, 3 percent from unclassified high schools, and one was home-schooled.

45 admitted students were first in their family to attend college. 58 percent of early admits are male, 42 percent female. 107 early admits, or 18 percent, are legacies.

16 percent used the paper version of the Common Application, 21 percent used the online version of the common app; 17 percent used the paper Princeton Application, and 46 percent used the online version of the Princeton application.