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Columbia University Class of 2010

Columbia College Admits Record-Low 7.9 Percent Regular Decision

The admissions offices of Columbia College, the School for Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Barnard College each received a record number of applicants, making this the toughest round of admissions in each school's histories.

Of 17,148 Columbia College applicants, 1,653 students or 9.6 percent were admitted, down from 10.7 percent last year. The admit rate for regular applicants was 7.9 percent, while the admit rate for early applicants was 23.2 percent.

Of 2,700 SEAS applicants, 614 students or 22.7 percent were admitted.

Early Applications Increase 5.5%

Columbia received the most number of applications ever. 2,275 students applied to Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science compared to 2,156 the previous year. This represents a 5.5% increase and could indicate an increase in regular decision applications.

Early admits made up 21 percent of the incoming SEAS class and more than 25% of the incoming Columbia College class.

Columbia admitted 582 students early, or just under 26 percent of applicants.

Regular Applications Increase 9 Percent

Regular applications increased nine percent this year. 15,104 students applied to the College, resulting in an eight percent increase over last year, and 2,395 students applied to SEAS, resulting in a 16 percent increase over last year.

International applications rose 23 percent. Applications from Asia, rose 26 percent.

More than a third of the slots for the incoming 1,500 student class were filled under early decision.


1,092 out of 4,599 applicants were admitted, for an overall acceptance rate of about 24 percent.

Barnard received a record 457 early decision applications. This represents a 11% increase from last year's 412 early applications.

175 applicants were admitted this year, representing an early admit rate of 38%.

Last year, 41 percent of early applicants were admitted, as opposed to about 25 percent of the 4000 students who applied through regular decision.